Happy Principal Appreciation Month

Today we celebrate Mrs. Monecia Vasbinder, principal  and Mr. Jared Meldrum, vice principal at Three Oaks Public School Academy. Their phenomenal leadership has made Three Oaks a dynamite place for kids and staff to thrive. The leadership they provide allows children to achieve excellence in their academic endeavors and prepares them for active citizenship in their communities. 

Mrs. Vasbiner attended Aquinas College and Methodist University in North Carolina for her bachelor’s degree and Aquinas College for her master’s degree. She has been in education for 25 years with 12 of those being at Three Oaks. She loves to spend time with her family, traveling, at the lake and fixing up old houses. 

Mr. Meldrum attended Michigan University and Dominican University in Chicago for his educational degree. He has been in education for 12 years and at Three Oaks for seven. He loves to cook and spend time with his wife and two kids. 

Both Mrs. Vasbiner and Mr. Meldrum care deeply about the students at Three Oaks. We are grateful for their commitment that provides safety and security for all kids at Three Oaks.