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Giving Tuesday: Easy Ways to Give Back to your School Community

Giving Tuesday: Easy Ways to Give Back to your School Community

Parents, teachers, and students alike all love the holiday season. This time of year is a great way for everyone to reflect and be encouraged by the potential and talent of all our students!  As we commemorate this Giving Tuesday, check out some ways to show support for the communities we serve, and it starts with giving our families, students, and staff a big thank you!


#1 – Show your love – The first opportunity to show your support is by leaving a review. If your child loves our school, tell someone about us! Go to our social media and google pages and leave a few thoughts on how our school has positively influenced your child’s life. It only takes a few minutes, and your thoughts can bring that amazing experience to other families who might be looking for it.


#2 – Donate supplies – Another great way to give back to our school is to give your favorite teachers some supplies. Anything from pencils to hand sanitizer is appreciated, and those supplies support the class as a whole.


#3 Give thanks – Finally, who doesn’t love a hand-written note? Write a thank you card to those that you appreciate at school. Our principals, bus drivers, and teachers all care greatly about the families that walk through our doors, and it would make their days to know how appreciative our families are for the work they do.


With December around the corner, it can be easy for all of us to get locked in on what comes next. We encourage you all to finish strong this semester, and we hope to see those smiling faces soon.

Tips to address your child’s pandemic worries

Tips to address your child’s pandemic worries

The nature of this pandemic has left some kids with a heightened sense of stress and anxiety while in-person learning at schools. Educators are hearing common concerns in the classroom pertaining to physical and social interactions.

Students are facing amplified covid-related mental health issues more than ever before. To be successful academically in this new learning environment, social and emotional needs must be addressed. That’s why we place an emphasis on caring for the “whole child.” Dove Academy of Detroit employs a full-time social worker and a multi-tiered system of support coordinator (MTSS) to help students who are struggling with non-traditional stressors. This free resource offers students an outlet to improve their emotional health with education on how to help manage emotions and establish and maintain supportive relationships. The result, a more rounded, whole child approach.

We spoke with Choice School Associates Social Worker, Carlton Jackson, from Dove Academy of Detroit who addressed many of the questions he is encountering from his students. Check out his advice to students and parents!

Student Question: What Happens If I’m Feeling Sick?

Student Question: What If I Accidentally Give Someone A Hug or High Five?

Student Question: What Happens If I Have to Quarantine and Miss a Fun Event?



Our Character Choices Education Program

Our Character Choices Education Program

We here at Three Oakes Public School Academy aim to teach our students with a curriculum aimed outside of bookwork and more towards developing character. Part of how we act on that is with our Character Choices program.

The Character Choices curriculum is aligned with our Common Core Standards, making a regular part of the school day and including it with our everyday dialogue. What makes our program unique is that we focus on several aspects with every month. These include a focus on developing social and academic behaviors, promoting both parent and community involvement and being tech-smart kids on social media for example. Students and teachers work together to practice each trait in writing, reading and through action. For more information on what our program entails and each month’s focus trait, click here, and follow us on Facebook to see more about our other programs.

This program does wonders for the children who learn under it, and even act on things like public service, etiquette lessons and age specific training on social and academic behavior.

Just this month our 5th grade class dedicated their time towards combatting homelessness. They made a food pantry to sit outside the school for those in need. Actions like this are what enrich the education they get at Three Oaks and we hope that we can continue to provide a learning experience that promotes helping others.

5th Grade Food Pantry

Five Back to School Tips for the 2021 School Year

Five Back to School Tips for the 2021 School Year

It’s that time of year again for back-to-school season! We know this is a busy time for both parents and students alike, so we at BCHSA put together five tips to ensure a seamless transition from summer vacation to the start of the new school year.

Tip number one is to battle back the worries! Returning to school can be stressful for some kids. Having a conversation about how they are feeling and encouraging open communication can start us off on the right foot.back to school tip, battle back the worries


Tip number two is to nurture your child’s independence. As your child grows and enters a new grade, they will need to learn how to do things themselves. It’s important for them to practice day-to-day activities like tying their shoes and writing their name.

Back to school tip, nurture their independence


Tip number three is to establish a healthy sleep routine. Small adjustments are easier to embrace than sudden ones, so be sure to start getting them back into a normal bedtime routine. Sleep helps them stay energized and focused throughout the day, so this is an important one!

Back to school tip, establish a healthy sleep routine


Tip number four is to prepare early for the first day of school. This means planning their outfit, packing their book bag, and figuring out your drop-off plan. Don’t forget to check our site for supply lists and updated school forms!

Back to school tip, prepare early for the first day


Our fifth and final tip is to enjoy and celebrate the last day of summer! Go on a bike ride, go get ice cream, and enjoy a final swim before school starts. Enjoy quality time with family or friends before their new routine takes over.

Back to school tip, do something fun and celebrate the last day of summer

Celebrating Black History Month – Soul Food Edition!

Celebrating Black History Month – Soul Food Edition!








Ms. Wanda, Mr. Jackson & Ms. Jerri of the foodservice staff got together to honor tradition at Three Oaks! In previous years, the food service staff would invite families into the school to honor Black History Month and serve a delicious dinner of soul food. Given the unique circumstances, tradition was upheld through classroom visits!

The food service staff not only brought the soul food to the students, but they also gave a wonderful presentation! They shared what soul food is, common places to find soul food, and talked about influential African Americans in the foodservice industry who invented essential cooking utensils and methods used today! We are thankful for staff like Ms. Wanda, Mr. Jackson & Ms. Jerri who make learning fun and share their talents with us!

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace

Today is International Day of Peace. Each year, International Day of Peace is observed around the world as the UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace. This day is set aside for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.

What are you and your family doing to promote peace around the world or even just in your community?

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