Our Character Choices Education Program

We here at Three Oakes Public School Academy aim to teach our students with a curriculum aimed outside of bookwork and more towards developing character. Part of how we act on that is with our Character Choices program.

The Character Choices curriculum is aligned with our Common Core Standards, making a regular part of the school day and including it with our everyday dialogue. What makes our program unique is that we focus on several aspects with every month. These include a focus on developing social and academic behaviors, promoting both parent and community involvement and being tech-smart kids on social media for example. Students and teachers work together to practice each trait in writing, reading and through action. For more information on what our program entails and each month’s focus trait, click here, and follow us on Facebook to see more about our other programs.

This program does wonders for the children who learn under it, and even act on things like public service, etiquette lessons and age specific training on social and academic behavior.

Just this month our 5th grade class dedicated their time towards combatting homelessness. They made a food pantry to sit outside the school for those in need. Actions like this are what enrich the education they get at Three Oaks and we hope that we can continue to provide a learning experience that promotes helping others.

5th Grade Food Pantry