Parents & Students

Kids are special!

That’s why parents want to make sure their kids have the right start. The choices today in your child’s education can spell a big difference in his or her life tomorrow. Three Oaks Public School Academy is an educational community that treats each child as an individual. The classes are small, so the teacher has the chance to work one-on-one with the students. Discipline is strict, so parents know children learn in a safe environment. The academic standards are set high, so children can feel the challenge to reach their highest potential. Character development is a central part of the educational experience to prepare children for active, thoughtful, and caring participation in the world around them.

Three Oaks Public School Academy provides you and your family with a warm, welcoming environment where your children will learn and your family will feel part of a strong, vital community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents and other community members are sought as volunteers to assist the faculty and staff to achieve the educational program and provide quality services for our students. Volunteer activities include responsibilities such as tutors, mentors, youth motivators, classroom assistants, computer assistants, media center assistants, room parents, after school programs, and PTO. Parents, grandparents, and friends are encouraged to become volunteers. All volunteers are required to complete the volunteer application available in the front office prior to participating in the classroom.

Parent Teacher Organization

The PTO is an organization of parents and teachers working for the improvement of education for all children. Meetings, informative programs, student productions, and fund raising activities are held throughout the year. All parents are encouraged to become active members and to attend meetings. The PTO will provide support to improve school spirit, create curricula and extra-curricular opportunities for children, promote parental and community involvement and support.

Ambassador Program

You are Invited to Become an Exclusive Member

We know that the most effective way to grow our school community is through word-of-mouth marketing. We also know that YOU – yes, YOU, are our best marketers. Many of you are already actively spreading the word about Three Oaks Public School Academy. Many more of you want to help, but just aren’t sure what to say, or how to go about it.

Good news! You’re invited to become an Ambassador for Three Oaks, and by doing so, you will receive all the necessary tools to effectively market your school. For every student you refer, who joins our school Family, you will receive a $100 gift!*

The beauty of this gift, is that you will have the option of giving it back to the school or putting it towards your own personal school related expenses.

With each $100 gift, you can choose from the following:

Parents GIVE or RECEIVE Options are $100 to your student's classroom for any needed supplies.

OR $100 to the school towards the school's programming special projects or field trips.

OR $100 gas gift card to help with transportation costs.

OR $100 general gift card to help with cost of new school clothes or school supplies

Being an Ambassador is Empowering!  

All you need to do is share your passion about our school with those whom you come in contact with. Don’t worry, we will be here to support you along the way.

It could be a friend, family member, someone new to the area, friend of a friend, a member from church, a neighbor…the possibilities are endless! This is your opportunity to work together and build the Three Oaks community into the best it can be, giving all children an excellent place to learn and grow.
What are you waiting for? Give us a call to become an ambassador today: (231) 767-3365

Mrs. Vasbinder, Principal
Mr. Meldrum, Assistant Principal