Teaher Spotlight – Dana Johnson

Dana Johnson is entering her 19th year as a teacher and her 11th year at Three Oaks. She is one of the third-grade teachers.  She loves that she is a teacher and that she can make an influence on kid’s lives daily.  

Her inspiration for becoming an educator was connected to those teachers and administrators who made an impact on her life. 

Her assistant principal in high school who helped guide students, showed fairness and strived for justice inspired Dana to bring these things to her own classroom.

Her chemistry teacher in high school also brought learning to life through guided inquiry and problem-solving. She was inspired by her unconventional techniques.

“I strive to bring the same passion for innovative ways to learn to my classroom that past teachers and administrators did for me,” Dana Johnson said. 

She calls Three Oaks Public School Academy her forever home and family. Her impact on students’ lives has had an ever-lasting impact on them.