6 Things to Do This Winter Break at Three Oaks Public School Academy

With winter break approaching fast, our students and our families are excited for a few weeks outside of the classroom. If you’re looking for fun things to do during your time off, here are six things to do during this break to keep you entertained!


The first thing on our Winter break bucket list is to bake cookies. The holiday season is the time for baking and it can be fun for the whole family, so feel free to visit our Facebook and tell us what your family’s favorite cookies are!

Bucket List #1: Bake Cookies


The second thing on our bucket list is to make paper snowflakes. As a Winter tradition, making paper snowflakes is not only a fun way to spend a few hours, but a great way to decorate the house with something personal!

Bucket List #2: Make Paper Snowflakes


The third thing on our Winter break bucket list is to wear a fun sweater. We don’t believe in “ugly” sweater season, but we encourage you to wear something goofy and fun! Snap a picture and share it with us!

Bucket List #3: Wear A Fun Sweater


The fourth thing on our Winter break bucket list is to play outside or build a snowman. With school being closed, we know how boring it can get to sit around the house and stay out of the snow. We’re asking our families to throw on their favorite pairs of snow pants and enjoy the weather!

Bucket List #4: Build A Snowman Or Play Outside


The fifth thing in our Winter break bucket list is to read a good book. In the bitter cold, sometimes the best thing to do is warm up a cup of cocoa, throw on your favorite music and open a good book.

Bucket List #5: Read A Book


The final thing in our Winter break bucket list is to have fun watching a movie. Whether it’s Home Alone, Elf or even Frozen, there are plenty of good movies to watch over break.

Bucket List #6: Watch A Movie


We hope that these six things will help make your Winter Break more fun and to those that finished everything on our list, we hope it was as fun for you as it was for us!