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Engaged. Empowered. Excellence.

Three Oaks Public School Academy has been helping Muskegon students achieve at high levels since 2003.  Our children have a track record of being the highest achieving students in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights over the past decade.  Our school is dedicated to improving our community and we pride ourselves on fostering a family atmosphere.  Three Oaks is also committed to being an inclusive school where we believe all children can learn and explore their innate strengths.  Our staff works to engage and empower students to reach academic excellence.  Three Oaks Public School Academy is managed by Choice Schools Associates and is authorized by Bay Mills Community College to offer kindergarten through sixth-grade education.

How is Three Oaks Public School Academy unique?

The fundamental belief of Three Oaks is that all children are capable of achieving excellence in their academic endeavors and can be prepared for active citizenship in their communities. We empower all students with the academic knowledge and skills, work habits, and character traits in order to thrive in all that they do. 

Organization for Student Learning

Three Oaks Public School Academy is organized as PreK-6 self-contained classrooms. Resource room teachers are also available to provide specialized assistance to students—as well as other personnel capable of making students’ experiences at Three Oaks positive and productive.

Special education programs are delivered in compliance with federal and state laws. Students that come to Three Oaks with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) are welcome and are assured that the school will provide a free, appropriate education program using an inclusion model for providing services.


Qualified Teachers Design Individual Plans to Meet the Needs of Students

We are proud of our highly qualified teaching staff and their ability to recognize the needs of each student! Teachers work with each student and his or her parents/guardians to create an individual student learning plan that:

  • Identifies the student’s learning style strengths using the multiple intelligences
  • Sets individual goals
  • Develops strategies
  • Identifies responsibilities
  • Provides methods of evaluation

Mission Statement

Three Oaks is a community school of excellence that provides an opportunity for all Muskegon area children to be engaged and empowered learners.

Vision Statement

Three Oaks Public School Academy will educate and inspire all students to be ethical, well-prepared and confident citizens who lead in our community and fulfill their dreams.


Bay Mills Community College (BMCC) is the authorizer for Three Oaks Public School Academy. As the authorizer, BMCC provides oversight of the charter contract and ensures compliance with state and federal regulations. BMCC appoints the Board of Directors and provides training sessions for the Board.

The Charter Office of Bay Mills Community College supports the educational choices and opportunities for all children in the State of Michigan, regardless of their race, national heritage, culture and/or economic status. As such, BMCC ensures that academic goals are being met.

Bay Mills Community College is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s historic Eastern Upper Peninsula. It is the only accredited tribal college east of the Mississippi River. Diverse ages, backgrounds and individual goals make the student population of BMCC unique. BMCC’s faculty is committed to providing excellence in education to both traditional and non-traditional students.

For more information about Bay Mills Community College please visit its website at www.bmcc.org.

Our Education Service Provider Partnership

Choice Schools Associates


Three Oaks Public School Academy excels, in great part, because of its managing partner, Choice Schools Associates. Choice is a family-owned, Michigan based education service provider with a team that is passionate about your child receiving the best education they possibly can.

For over two decades Choice Schools Associates has carried out its mission to partner with school communities, empowering and equipping them to fulfill their unique mission. Choice provides Michigan charter schools with exceptional assistance in all aspects of school management while striving to meet three fundamental and unchanging standards: significantly improve students’ academic achievement; delight parents and ensure high levels of satisfaction; and create a safe, secure learning environment.

Choice customizes its services to meet the unique needs of each academy and works diligently to ensure that the Academy Board’s vision is carried out. The strength of Choice is its exceptional people who provide services to children, parents and families at every school it manages. This recognition, coupled with its emphasis on achievement of Academy Board goals and Choice’s standards, makes Choice a truly unique education service provider.

Choice’s Mission:

We partner with school communities, empowering and equipping them to fulfill their unique mission.

Choice’s Vision:

In our communities everyone thrives. #EveryoneThrivesHere

Click here to learn more about Choice Schools Associates.

Upcoming Events

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    December 17
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    December 20 - December 31
  3. Students Return from Winter Break

    January 3, 2022

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